Monday, January 5, 2015


New Years........overrated? or not? I vote over rated!! It's the same thing year after year after year.

You hear the whole new year resolutions and people love to talk about them. I feel it's great to have resolutions but to keep them to yourself. A lot of people brag about them and love to talk about them..."Going to be healthier" "Going to work out more" "Going to travel" "Going to do this...or that...or be this" ANNOYING! We all see that in January the gyms are packed! Then come February it's not as bad. Ya, those people really stuck to their resolutions for a long time. I told my self that I was going to try and eat unprocessed foods....I ate a snickers already today. HIGH FIVE!!

Any one have different resolutions? I do sort of like hearing peoples who have different ones............but it's rare.

J Dub is totes right.....I'm the queen of typo's and I know it and I don't really care. I feel half the time people know what I'm meaning....not all of us can be perfect Yessica! ;)

Next blog.....on-line dating!!!

Happy Monday and I guess Happy New Year-Granger